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4) The Ring-Pen
The design of this pen is beyond unique! The ring in the middle of the pen is for your index finger - which alters the grip and takes away strain and stress on the hand and fingers. Excellent for people with problems gripping. In the USA, buy from http://www.ringpenusa.com/


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To help make the day-to-day lives of our aging population easier, Joy Loverde, an author and "elder care expert," visited The Early Show to show us several innovative products:

Ring Pen. Handling a pen is something that can be difficult and tiring for people with arthritis and other dexterity problems. The ring pen is an ergonomically correct designed pen that helps make it easier for these people to write. The index finger slips through a hole in the pen and offers a place for the writing finger to rest while writing. The ring pen removes pressure from the wrist and joints.

"Many of us take for granted the process of handling a pen," says Loverde. "Elder adults ... have difficulty using a pen because of arthritis or loss of sensation. Using a ring pen removes the pressure from the wrist and joints, allowing you to write all day long."


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"It's easier to write with a pen designed to fit your hand.
Fits your hand comfortably, and, unlike ordinary pens, doesn't require an iron grip. Reduces writer's cramp and fatigue, makes writing easier for arthritis sufferers, minimizes the risk of repetitive motion problems. Maybe the biggest improvement in writing since the ballpoint”.
The Vermont Country Store (r)

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